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All Day Snuggs

All Day Snuggs

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The “Boot Doesn’t Fit!” Remedy

Top-of-foot pads to custom fit your Boots!  These pads address a large variety of fit issues.

Start walking in confidence, as if your boots were made only for you!

  • Keep foot from sliding forward and causing toes to crush in toe space. (Also great for runners and athletes – helps prevent “Runners Toe”.)
  • Enable people to wear higher heeled boots without gaps at heel. Walk with confidence!
  • Enable women with narrow heels to wear boots, without purchasing expensive narrow sizes.
  • Eliminates the need for foot pad inserts for women with low arches. Foot pads push up the arch, but also push up toes in toe space, causing another problem. The same for heel space; foot pads push up heels out of heel “pocket”, causing slippage.
  • Keeps foot in place! Achieve the same fit over time as when you tried on the shoe. No sliding forward, and as shoes stretch out, maintain the snug fit.
  • As shoes stretch over time, ankle space widens as well. Boot Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads solve this.
  • Many women/men have different-sized feet. The inserts can be used in one shoe only, as needed.
  • Eliminates the need for uncomfortable ball-of-foot inserts.
  • Help prevent ankle roll for people with narrow ankles, keeping the space snug.
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