The idea of Boot Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads was developed in 2017.

After making the purchase of 2 pairs of boots that were the right size, I was frustrated that even after trying under-foot inserts, the boots still did not fit comfortably.

I decided to come up with a solution, thus the development of Boot Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads. I wanted a product that addressed the problems many women encounter with boots, which are designed to fit the masses.

1) Foot fatigue caused by the foot slipping forward, crushing the toes.

2) Women with narrow heels & feet, have feet slipping forward causing heel gaps.

3) Boots stretching out, causing movement and slippage

4) Insecure walk – when your feet are loose in your boots.

5) Ankle roll, sometimes caused by ankle gapping.

Since the development of Boot Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads, we have now added the following Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads.

Rugged Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads: Designed for Work Boots, Steel Toe Boots, Hunting Boots and Hiking Boots. (Skiers love these as well!) They pad the top of the foot which takes up any gapping at the heel, they stop the movement in the boots, which causes foot fatigue, blisters and hot spots. The Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads also protect the toes and give you foot comfort all day long! (See testimonials below).

Sport Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads: Designed for athletic shoes of all styles. Keeps feet in heel pockets – protects toes from sliding and crushing, also protects the metatarsal region from injury during contact sports. Allows you to wear up to a whole size bigger shoes without feet sliding forward. The tab, which extends past the shoelaces, prevents the Snuggs from moving even during strenuous workouts.

My goal with the above products is to give women and men a secure feeling when they put their boots on for the day, knowing they can go farther and faster in comfort.

To date, we have had a variety of letters with feedback from our customers and found that there are benefits we not even thought of!

Ingrown toenails – the Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads prevent the feet from moving forward, so your toenails can heal while still being able to walk about normally.

Steel Toe Wearers – who report of the “chipped” and “black toenail” scourges. With Rugged Snuggs™ top-of-foot pads, they no longer deal with these problems, as when the heel is held in place, the toenails do not hit the front – if you have the correct size shoe.

Radiating foot and leg pain – factory workers have reported they have up to 80% less pain, enabling them to actually work longer without suffering this intense daily pain!

Joan Charles