The “Boot Doesn’t Fit!” Remedy


top-of-foot pads to custom fit your Boots! These pads address a large variety of fit issues. Start walking in confidence, as if your boots were made only for you!

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  • 20-Year Old Diabetic

    I have suffered daily numbness in my feet, tingling and sharp needle pains. When using Snuggs™ top-of-foot pad, they literally take away 8-90% of the pain! Its life changing, and that's why I am sharing my story!

    Gerry K.

  • Boot Lover

    I love wearing boots, especially those with some heel. Boot Snuggs™ top-of-foot pad have changed how I feel about wearing my heeled boots for a full day of work. After a full 8+ hours in boots I normally struggled with after only a few hours, my feet feel great!

    Amy L.

  • Retired Soldier

    Once I had them on, I could not notice them in my boot, only that they fit much better. If you have any problems with loose fitting boots I would highly recommend giving them a try.

    Don B.

  • 2 Year Ankle Injury

    Since I injured my ankle and went through 2 surgeries for it I have been dealing with minor pains everyday. Boot Snuggs™ top-of-foot pad fixed my problem. It evens out the pressure points and that even pressure holds my ankle in place.

    Luke K.

  • Feet Not Tired

    These things are great! It took me a while to try them, but now I use them all the time, they work!

    Dan R.

  • Heating/Cooling Tech

    I am on my feet walking and climbing ladders all day. The tongue on my workboots always got pinched or wrinkled so your pads made a huge difference. The amazing thing is the pads don't stink. After 4 months of use I havn't had to wash them yet.

    Bob L.

SNUGGS™ top-of-foot pad

Not just any foot pad

  • After making the purchase of 2 pairs of boots that were the right size, I was frustrated that even after trying under-foot inserts, the boots still did not fit comfortably.

  • I decided to come up with a solution, thus the development of Boot Snuggs™ top-of-foot pad. I wanted a product that addressed the problems many women encounter with boots, which are designed to fit the masses.

  • My goal with the above products is to give women and men a secure feeling when they put their boots on for the day, knowing they can go farther and faster in comfort.