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Welcome To Boot Snuggs!

The “Boot Doesn’t Fit!” Remedy

Sock insert pads to custom fit your Boots!

These pads address a large variety of fit issues.

Start walking in confidence, as if your boots were made only for you!

Are you into SNUGGS?

Boot Snuggs were born in December of 2017. After the purchase of 2 pairs of expensive boots, and being unable to make them fit comfortably with most shoe inserts in my possession, I decided to concentrate on this problem. The boots fit great when standing still, but were not comfortable to walk in. I experienced what I call foot fatigue when I walked in them.

After several weeks of off and on thinking about possibilities, I woke up one morning with an idea. Later in the day, I sketched, cut and sewed the first set of Boot Snuggs. I brought in the Ugg boots and inserted the appliance on top of the bend of my ankle, inside my sock. Problem solved, and I could walk around without foot slippage, and they were comfortable!! Although the focus was this one pair of boots, I soon started trying these inside my other boots, shoes, and clogs. Previously I used heavy socks in these boots/shoes/clogs, some I used ball-of-foot inserts, and some had full shoe pads in them. All in an effort to keep my feet from moving in shoe, causing foot fatigue, as I generally walk a lot in a day.